Apple Doesn’t Need a Twitter Account but You Do

I’ve seen variations of this “insightful thought” all over Twitter in the past 24 hours:




This seems to imply that having a Twitter feed or a Facebook fan page is useless marketing. The author is some sort of “marketing guru.”


Now, Apple is the company that spent a fortune on the 1984 commercial and aired it on the SuperBowl. According to Wikipedia, they have 361 global stores. They just announced profits of 13 billion dollars for last quarter. Their marketing dollars must be the corporate world equivalent of the US military budget.


A Twitter account is cheap; it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of marketing. Of course every puny startup must get one, because why not. No negatives, maybe you can turn it into a modest megaphone. On the other hand, Apple doesn’t need one. It could buy the factory any day. If Apple gets a Twitter account it adds value to Twitter, not the other way around.


What’s the next great marketing insight? Larry Page doesn’t fly commercial airlines like you and I. Interesting…

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