Have You Received Bitcoin Spam?

Over the past few days, someone has been sending tiny amounts of bitcoin (one satoshi) to thousands of addresses. Those transactions are unlikely to be confirmed, but they do show up on blockchain.info for now. Here’s one example:


The satoshis come from two vanity addresses: 1Enjoy… and 1Sochi…

If you click on the first address as I write this, you will see that its most recent transaction contains a link with the text “Play and win BTC”


The link leads to what looks like a bitcoin gambling site, bitwars dot org. I’m not linking to it for obvious reasons.

Some googling shows it has been done before. Here’s a discussion on Stackexchange. If you have received these tiny amounts and wondered what they are about, now you know. You can safely ignore them. Just like life, spam will always find a way.

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