Lamabot (fortune cookies and Markov chains)

If you are on Twitter, there is a chance you follow the Dalai Lama or have seen one of his cogitations retweeted by his ever-growing following. If you're like me you may think he actually runs a factory of fortune cookies, or that he wrote an advanced phrase regurgitation algorithm.

So I was at the office yesterday, Friday afternoon. It was a long week, and I had the idea of downloading His Holiness' most recent 200 tweets to play with. If you studied computer science or engineering you may be familiar with the concept of Markov Processes. To explain it in a simple way, a Markov process is a series of states in which each state depends only on the previous one. Not only that, but it's random. A very basic one: follow a road until the next fork. When you get there, pick one path at random. It doesn't matter how you got to that fork, but given that you are there it's possible to make statistical predictions about where you'll be later.

The idea of using Markov chains to generate random but semi-coherent text has been around for a long time. The gist of it is to analyze some text, find groups of words that are likely to be together and generate chains of text of arbitrary length attaching a group to the next (last word of a group is the first of the next). It's not hard to code this, but I was ready to play with the tweets and wanted to get going. I did a quick search for Markov chains in Ruby and found this blog post with some code ready to use.

Five minutes and ten lines of code later, Lamabot was online thanks to Sinatra and Heroku (making web apps has never been easier). Yes, it's crude and it could be improved to be much more realistic. Some Dalai-esque pearls of wisdom that came from it:

"We need self-confidence and therefore ethical conduct for the world is the Sunday edition of envy and love." (he's been listening to the Arcade Fire?)

"We need to be possible as a warm heart, warm heart." (I don't know, James Blunt?)

"We need self-confidence and recent scientific findings." (yeah, I agree, making some sense here)

"We can't be fearful of the needs of universal dimension." (I want what's he's having)

"We must use violence, you may neglect our responsibilities toward each other differences, all beings must create peace." (yeah, rock'n'roll, let's break some chairs and then be friends again)

And my favorite, nobody could argue with this one:

"We cannot overcome anger and bears with the confines of World Summit."

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