Las Vegas is not known as a beacon of honesty and trust in the world, let’s put it that way. I went there last weekend to attend a rock climbing festival, and I stayed at one of the well-known casino/hotel combos. I checked in to my room and I found this little card on the night stand:


If you have ever waited tables, you know the marketing trick: if you say your name and create a “personal relationship” with patrons, you will likely receive bigger tips. Nobody agrees whether hotel room maids should be tipped or not, but clearly this is the same deal. This card is standard for the hotel, so the idea doesn’t come from the maids themselves. What called my attention here is the name: Peggy.

According to the awesome Baby Name Voyager tool, Peggy peaked as a name in the 1930s. I don’t know anyone young with that name. It’s hard to imagine a Peggy being a hotel room attendant in Las Vegas in 2011. Perhaps some market research shows that elderly couples are the most likely to leave tips, and they will be most sympathetic to someone with a name that suggests someone of their generation.


Sunday morning I checked out electronically and I was ready to leave the room. “Peggy” knocked on the door to see if she could come in and start cleaning the room. I immediately noticed her Spanish accent. Her name was Ana. I didn’t ask her how well the nom de guerre chosen by her employer is working out for her 🙂

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